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How can we see which relationship playing with ifcOpenShell?

I am among the many developers from Ladybug Devices Legacy plugins and currently, I am working on performing a good translator off IFC so you’re able to HBJSON. I have been having fun with ifcOpenShell for the Python 3.7.0 and i was effective inside the extracting triangulated interlock geometry out of IFC issues thus far.

I’m iterating more than points within the an IFC file having fun with ifcOpenShell i am also struggling to find how i is also be aware of the parent IfcSpace and you may/otherwise IfcWall having an IfcWindow ability. One guidance about this will be really beneficial.


Thank you ! Which is offering me IfcBuildingStorey function. I’m trying to get IfcSpace you to an enthusiastic IfcWindow are attached so you can. Please understand the screen sample of Solibri less than. Solibri can share with your chose window (showcased when you look at the environmentally friendly) is part of an IfcSpace Work environment.

The reverse might benefit myself. If there is a way to understand the IfcOpeningElement, IfcWindow, and you will IfcDoor elements regarding an IfcSpace. That would as well as work for me.

when it provides you with the newest IfcBuildingStorey element, this means that new screen was included in the storey, perhaps not the space. That is rather normal away from BIM software — since the in principle the brand new window is not «inside» the area. From an enthusiastic FM angle and you will architectural area research piece angle, this will be completely wrong, a window would be to get into the primary space through which you is get on having maintenance motives. not, the brand new sad the reality is that numerous things aren’t securely contained within our BIM investigation.


The brand new «Nearby Areas» shown into the Solibri isn’t a proper IFC matchmaking. Playing with Solibri as a viewer get misguide individuals towards believing that particular dating and you will data are present in IFC in which it actually does perhaps not, and is simply something Solibri comes.

As well as, ping as he enjoys lots of smart ways and has numerous experience with examining such data.

Thank you, there are not any specific relationships on IFC which i is also notice that hook new screen towards space.

One to likelihood of how Solibri is deriving which, is looking on ObjectPlacement of the screen (i.e. the source section) therefore the ObjectPlacement of any space, and you may computing the latest nearest place. Which however keeps area to own error, but actually I get a similar influence as the Solibri basically get they like that. When you need to, discover the new matrix of ObjectPlacement of any feature (wall structure, window, etc) playing with ifcopenshell.util.placement.get_local_placement(feature.ObjectPlacement) . The advantage of this process would be the fact this is the cheapest.

Some other potentially a whole lot more specific strategy is to make use of the actual geometry of windows. Because windows don’t intersect on the room, considering aloud perchance you might find the standard and you may centroid of every face from inside the an enthusiastic IfcSpace, then a frequent and you will centroid of the premier face to have for each and every window. Then, of the evaluating normals and you can centroids, you could chart screen to room. We hope, that isn’t too expensive, because windows are generally mapped you calculate just after, after that of many window will be display an identical mapped illustration of the newest geometry. Prepared to show how to accomplish that if you would like drop so it station.

I will note that the fresh document comes with space limits, that is that which you want — right explicit stuff to have opportunity investigation, perhaps not guesswork and deriving. Although not, they has only area boundaries linking the bedroom on the slab, not the area on the windows.

Many thanks, In my opinion it will be too expensive in fact it is the reason I’m seeking assist right here to not ever wade you to definitely channel. For Pollination, we have to look at the level regarding designs people will render. I’ve seen society-level times designs and you can performing this get it done of finding the new nearest screen could be too expensive in the a giant size that have hundreds away from areas.

Relationships within the IFC

The thing position station appears fascinating in my opinion. I will try that. Whenever looks very costly, upcoming i address this matter playing with a person guide towards recommendations for the artisans. i could promote that the screen is going to be place at the room peak and never at storey height.

I am not sure everything you imply by the a space line. If this what you’re speaing frankly about? Along with, what’s the finest capital to learn on brand new spae limits?